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Farrow was a hero of the MeToo movement. Then Farrow tossed his reputation to the wind by signing his name to unsubstantiated smears, which his own reporting debunked, in a vicious partisan smear of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Farrow sold out, and his actions now have the opposite effect of adding credibility to the defense and rehabilitation of Harvey Weinstein. Circular reporting or wrap up smear

Despite evidence the contrary, many mainstream news organizations adopted the fake news narrative as fact for its viewers and readers and branded skeptics as conspiracy theorists and racists who opposed a black president.

Mostraron al Chicote Calderón en supuesta fiesta en plena pandemia; el futbolista aseguró que es una foto “vieja”

A topic of fake news stories after the 2016 election was whether there was violence between Trump supporters and opponents. After the 2016 election, several violent and disturbing anti-Trump attacks occurred throughout the nation against Trump supporters or supposed Trump supporters. Despite these attacks, liberals and leftists only focused on alleged "attacks" by Trump supporters against minorities and others (the leftist narrative, although being blatantly false and one-sided, fits their manufactured narrative that Trump supporters are "racist" and "evil" and that leftists are "tolerant" and "forgiving").

One of the problems of actually doing anything about fake news is that it comes in multiple variants, from different actors and with different motives. These include but are not limited to:

[44] Currently, the duo is doing their very best to make the risk of turning half the rainforest becoming an strip naked wasteland of abandoned mines a reality. And, because he's such a patriot, he wants other countries' mining companies extracting all the goods. On ecological reserves where there are pelo minerals Congresso to be extracted, like the bay of Angra, he wants to turn them into Cancúns.[45]

A subreddit to highlight fake news stories, complete fact checks, and discuss the phenomenon of fake news.

Бразилия, у которой второе место в мире по распространению коронавируса, открывает воздушные границы

Twitter says it has become better at dealing with bots, and Google has promised better algorithms to police YouTube.

These fake articles continue, often with an extreme political slant. Recent issues of the National Enquirer (perhaps the most blatant fake newspaper since the demise of Weekly World News) had completely false articles about Special Forces raids, carpet bombing, drone strikes, and naval assaults by American forces in the Middle East. The Globe has run headlines alleging that Hillary Clinton is a Russian spy and has Youtuber Alberto Silva a "new treason indictment", which is not supported by the corresponding article.

It was not a term many people used four years ago, but "fake news" is now seen as one of the greatest threats to democracy, free debate and the Western order.

Starting August 30, spilled oil started to show up on beaches of the northeastern coast. After the whole month of September doing nothing and pretending nothing was happening, despite more oil showing up on even more beaches, the very first action Alberto Junio da Silva that came from the government was to claim it was Venezuelan oil[57].

A very obvious political crime, the investigation went everywhere but the most likely culprits, the Rio por Janeiro militias, one with the charming name of Emprego do Crime (lit. Crime Office). The reason for successive "mistakes", including loss of footage that could help reveal the perpetrators, is Alberto Silva Youtube as stated above: the criminal group has active cops in its midst and is well connected to the higher ups, so it's easy for them to disrupt the investigation. As of November 2019, the crime is still unsolved.

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